Forget-Me-Not Foundation
We Have Fun and Therapy Just Happens


    Our Mission

    The Forget-Me-Not Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of people in need through the use of horses, and to bringing the community together through education on the benefits of the program.

    Our Vision

    The The Forget-Me-Not Foundation's vision is to provide recreational horseback riding with therapeutic benefits and other opportunities for people with disabilities, including veterans, throughout our target service area. It is the goal of the Foundation to provide a positive atmosphere where people are valued and respected and where potentials are realized - all while having fun.

    Thanks to some very generous donations,
    We've Got HEAT!
    We now provide rides even in cold weather!

    (However, in order to give our hard-working volunteers a much-needed break, there are no rides in December, January, and February.)

    Notice: After many years without a rate increase, the rising cost of utilities has forced the Board to approve an increase in the rider fee from $10 to $15 per session, effective immediately. As always, in the case of financial hardship other options are available. Talk to any Board member for additional information.